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Welcome to the Cosmetic Care WikiEdit

This wiki is for anyone curious about cosmetics/make up, or has wanted to try it but has been afraid to. I myself have recently gotten into makeup, but I was afraid to try it before incase I got over dramatic with it. But it's amazing! I hope you join me and we can talk all kinds of stuff about our favorite things to put on. I hope you enjoy the site! Lady Loki*dies*

Not Liking It?Edit

Do you not like this wiki just for it's name? Don't knock it until you try it. I want this to be a very percise wiki, and I don't really want people blabbering on about how, "COSMETICS ARE BAD FOR YOUR SKIN." "PEOPLE SHOULDN'T HAVE TO WEAR MAKE UP TO LOOK BEAUTIFUL." Why don't you go ahead and look around so you can make your own opinions on it, not just use what someone else thinks ;)

Lady Loki*dies*