If you have just happened to stumble upon this page, not knowing what the hay you are doing, you're one pretty lucky person! This page will tell you ALL you need to know about the site and will now and then be updated whenever new things come up.


Tawnypeltlover~Creator of the site, recently started cosmetics

Siggie-Lady Loki*dies*

Page DirectoryEdit

If you want to see examples of different types of cosmetics, go to Cosmetic Merchandise

If you want to learn more about Eye Shadow, go to Eyeshadow Fun

If you want to see the featured user of the month, go to This Month's Featured User

If you want to see our affiliate Wiki's, go to CCW's Affiliates

If you want to read our rules, go to Rules of CCW

If you want to learn step by step how to put make-up on, go to Step By Step Processes

And if you have any more questions, go to Tawnypeltlover and ask her.

User LevelsEdit

This tells you the different levels you can gain as you edit more on the Wiki

Trainie~0-100 edits

Decentury~101-200 edits

Grower~'201-300 edits'

Perplexamist~201-400 edits

Bimutual~401-500 edits

Hypoactive~501-600 edits

Okay Worker~601-700

Gargantuan~701-800 edits

Tremendous Worker~801-900

Moderator~901-1000 edits

Specialist~1001-1500 edits

Superfantastic~1501-2000 edits

Master~2001+ edits

The One~Owner of Site

Note~You get an honorary Level Trophy for each level you are on. Send Tawnypeltlover a PM(Personal Message) to let her know when to give you your next Trophy.


If you want to see pictures of EYES, go to Eye Pictures

If you want to post your own make up or eye pictures you have found that aren't already uploaded, go to User Picks

Website BioEdit

This wikiw is for cosmetic lovers out there who want to learn more, or for the young ones who have always wanted to try it, but haven't had the guts to do it.

Hi, I'm Tawnypeltlover(Tawny, TPL, MPM, etc.) and I created this site because I wanted to spread the awesomeness that cosmetics bring to people. If you have acne(Like me, and I'm not afraid to admit it) using the right Foundation could make it almost look as if over half of it just disappeared, and the redness goes away right when you put it on! I was afraid myself to try it, for I was afraid I would get addicted like some stories or articles say, or my friends would never talk to me again because I have friends who are tomboy and don't like girly things. I was a tomboy myself, but now I have changed drastically. This website is not for the tomboys who despise make-up, its for the ones who want to get started themselves.

Have anymore questions? Talk to me at Lady Loki*dies*